Commercial & Public Infrastructure Webinars

Commercial & Public Infrastructure Webinars

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES will be hosting a series of webinars this month designed to provide education on civil and structural infrastructure topics. Click the register button for each webinar you would like to sign up for.

Managing Your Concrete Infrastructure
SUNDAY, 19 APRIL 2020 | 4-5 PM (GMT +4, Dubai)

Learn the basics of concrete, including:

  • Typical signs & symptoms of distress
  • Common concrete problems
  • Investigating root cause
  • Develop solutions to extend service life
  • Implementing quality, durable solutions

Speaker: Jay Thomas


Jay Thomas is Vice President of Strengthening at STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and has 34 years of construction experience in the repair and strengthening of commercial and industrial structures. He has been involved in over 1,000 concrete strengthening and repair projects. Jay is a graduate engineer of the University of Pennsylvania and presents this topic for continuing education programs for many national general contracting firms and at the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas. His engineering and construction background combined with demonstration tools offer the ability to communicate technical issues that directly relate to contractors.

Durability Engineering Solutions
MONDAY, 20 APRIL 2020 | 4-5 PM (GMT +4, Dubai)

Predicting the lifespan of critical civil infrastructure helps owners to protect their long-term investments. Join SIMCO Technologies for an in-depth dive into durability design and service life modeling using STADIUM software for new and existing infrastructure.

Speaker: Jacques Marchand, PhD, P.E. | SIMCO TECHNOLOGIES


Dr. Jacques Marchand, Ph.D., P.E. is the CEO and co-founder SIMCO Technologies Inc. est. 1997. Prior to SIMCO Technologies, he cofounded Service d’Expertise en Matériaux (S.E.M.) Inc. in 1989. He is an internationally recognized expert in concrete mixture design, degradation mechanism analysis, and durability modeling of concrete infrastructure.

Dr. Marchand has authored or coauthored over 170 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is a well-known durability expert consultant.


Investigate-design-build Repair of Underground Structures
SUNDAY, 26 APRIL 2020 | 4-5 PM (GMT +4, Dubai)
  • Common problems for basement and underground structures
  • Proactive approaches for maintain and repair
  • Condition assessment and investigation
  • Ground water control, concrete repair and corrosion control
  • Using the turnkey approach (Investigate Design Build) to improve quality & clients return on investment through a single source

Speaker: Bill Hutton


Bill Hutton
Corrosion Solutions Manager

Currently, Bill is the Manager for STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, Corrosion Solutions Team based in Dubai and in charge for the United Arab Emirates. In this capacity, he is leading our durability related repair works for reinforced concrete structures which includes structural and aesthetic Concrete Repairs, Post Tension Repairs, Water Intrusion and Moisture Mitigation Strategies, Corrosion Protection and Cathodic Protection.

As a solution builder for STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, he delivers Technology Driven Turnkey Solutions on an Investigate-Design-Build basis to repair, restore and extend the service life of structures.

Bill is an active Professional Member of the Institute of Corrosion, UK, MICORR, and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, USA (NACE). He is a Certiifed Cathodic Protection Specialist (ICORR) and Cathodic Protection Technologist and Senior Corrosion Technologist (NACE). Bill has 12 years of Middle East eperience protecting and repairing concrete structures.

New Technology for Investigation & Repair
MONDAY, 27 APRIL2020 | 4-5 PM (GMT +4, Dubai)
  • Using new, advanced drone, imaging, and modeling technologies to investigate better and more thoroughly
  • Choosing the right method to capture data
  • How collecting data leads to more certainty with building a solution and project costs
  • How advanced technology can be used for the repair phase to enhance quality control and provide asset management beyond construction

Speakers: Dennis Sanschagrin, Sharat Menon, Eric Koehler

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